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Kwame Pianim – Eminent Economist and Investment Consultant

Kwame Pianim

This book, entitled Growing the Ghanaian Informal & Small Businesses, is not authored by a mere academician or by an inspired armchair witness of the business arena. It is the work of someone who has ‘walked the talk” and on whose psyche is visibly etched the existential vicissitudes he has personally travailed and the failures he has endured toiling through a broad swathe of the many sectors of the informal and small business, be it in farming, livestock, processing and trading! Anyone interested in transforming the informal sectors, or growing the small businesses into wealth and job creating pillars of a thriving economy, cannot find a better guide than Nana Dr. Owusu Afari, the author of this interesting book. His work is born out of personal experience and insights from many business failures. And it is also enhanced by experience drawn from other countries.

Whether your interest in the informal sector is academic or is driven by a quest for more viable and sustainable policy initiatives, you will find in Nana’s book, not only a few pointers and insights to guide you in the right direction, but more importantly, how not to set about transforming the informal and small businesses into national agents for wealth and job creation.

For those of us interested in transformational and inclusive development, this book from a keen observer and operator at the “nuts and bolts” level of economic activity, is definitely a must read!
Kwame Pianim – Eminent Economist and Investment Consultant

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