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Growing The Ghanaian Informal & Small Businesses


The book attempts to explain in a single publication the advantages that Ghana stands to gain if the huge informal sector businesses are given the recognition and support in Government policy initiatives. The informal sector businesses currently employ over 80% of the economically active working population and appear not to be operating under any coordinated policy framework.

For a sector of the economy that employs such huge numbers of people it is important that government pays close attention to the challenges the sector faces by first understanding its evolution, its growth dynamics, what attracts its operators to the sector and what policies can be initiated to help the sector grow and contribute positively to the socio economic development of Ghana.

The book draws on examples of policy initiatives adopted by some countries especially in Africa who also face such informal business challenges and how such policies are helping to bolster the growth of the informal businesses.

The author recommends a wide range of policy initiatives that both Government and the private sector can adopt to enhance the growth of the informal businesses and throws the challenge to others to join the conversation to help grow the vibrant informal sector for the benefits of Ghana’s economic development.

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